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Office Closed For Symposium

At Noon today - Monday, April 3, 2017, the EMMCO West office will be closed for the 30th annual educational symposium in Erie. The office will reopen Monday morning. 

Posted: 3/30/2017

Symposium 2017 - Fire Ground Rehab Session

At Friday's Symposium 3:15 PM Fire Ground Rehab sesssion, attendees planning to attend this session are asked to bring their personal turnout gear to this session.

Posted: 3/20/2017

EMS Education Outreach Specialist Position Available

EMMCO West is accepting letters of intent and resume for an EMS Education Outreach Specialist Position. Click Here for details. Submission before March 24, 2017. Attention Executive Director.

Posted: 3/2/2017

Spring 2017 EMS Instructor Course Announced

EMMCO West is coordinating an EMS Instructor Course in April 2017 at the Sharon Hospital School of Nursing, Sharon, PA. Click Here for program information

Posted: 2/7/2017

TRAIN National Site Updated & Login for PA TRAIN

PA TRAIN users that login to the TRAIN National site will need to select "Classic TRAIN" to have access to PA TRAIN OR click on to the PA TRAIN site

Posted: 1/30/2017

Attention ALS Providers

Please make sure you are checking the dates on your status reports.  If you read through it, you will see the dates that con ed counts towards your current cert period.  It will look like the image below:

If you have any questions, please call our office.  

Posted: 12/5/2016

New Courses Posted to PA TRAIN

New PA Con-ed Courses have been posted to the PA TRAIN website. Click Here

Posted: 11/21/2016

Urgent Recall MAD - Atomizers for Naloxone

Click Here for recall notice for MAD-Atomizers used to administer Naloxone (Narcan) News Story

Posted: 11/7/2016

Con Ed Sponsors

We still have Sponsors that did not show up for any of the four Con Ed Link Sessions - I can not approve your course registrations until you attend a training.  I understand that things happen, which is why I schedule two more sessions - this will be it until after April, this means if you do not make one of these two sessions - you will not be able to run con ed classes until you do (sometime after April).

Two sessions are:

Nov. 18, 2016 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM - EMMCO Office

Dec. 2, 2016 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM - EMMCO Office

Please email me at and let me know which one you will be at.  I did send emails out today for this, if you did not get an email, this means you have not updated your Sponsor Information, I will need you to do that as well. 

Thank you.

Posted: 10/21/2016

Con Ed Requirements

Please make note that con ed requirements have changed, due to the rules & regulations that were released 10/12/2013.  Begining with January 01, 2017 expiring practitioners - you will need to complete the following credits to renew:

EMR 16 Total Credits with 12 being Clinical Patient Care credits

EMT 24 Total Credits with 18 being Clinical Patient Care credits

AEMT 36 Total Credits with 27 being Clinical Patient Care credits

Paramedics 36 Total Credits with 27 being Clinical Patient Care credits

PHRN 36 Total Credits with 27 being Clinical Patient Care credits

PHE 36 Total Credits with 27 being Clinical Patient Care credits

PHP 36 Total Credits with 27 being Clinical Patient Care credits

Please log into the EMS Registry to make sure you have the required credits. 

Posted: 10/14/2016

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