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Illegally mounted red and blue lights

The PA State Police are issuing warnings to EMS and Fire agencies with vehicles that have interior mounted red or blue lights.  Click Here for more information.

Posted: 11/18/2015

Symposium 2016

Plans are moving ahead with EMMCO West's premiere educational event, Symposium 2016!  Mark your calendars for April 7 - 9, 2016 @ Ambassador Conference Center, Erie, PA

Posted: 11/16/2015

ALS Protocol Update Available

ALS providers now have until October 1, 2015 to take the 2015 Statewide ALS Protocol Update. Click HERE

Posted: 8/24/2015

EMS Safety Conference Date Moved

The annual regional EMS Safety Conference will be held on Sunday, April 10, 2016 @ the Ambassador Conference Center, Erie, PA.

Posted: 8/5/2015

Call for Speakers

It's that time of year again, we need speakers for our 2016 Symposium! If you are interested in speaking at Symposium 2016 or know someone who is, click here for more information!

Posted: 7/31/2015

FAQ- Child Protection Act Affects EMS Agencies

Revised Date version 7/29/15   IMPORTANT INFORMATION !  EMS & FIRE AGENCIES MUST READ THE FOLLOWING Q & A LINK REGARDING CPSL CLEARANCES. Additional Information provided in 7/29/15 version.

PA's Child Protection Servcies Act  Link to clearances

Posted: 7/28/2015

Page Updates

The following pages have recently been updated -

FY 14-15 Annual Report Released  /  Revised Ambulance KKK-A-1822F Specs  /  Revised CPR 2015 Programs   /  2015 AEMT Protocols & CCT Protocols

Posted: 7/13/2015

2015 ALS Protocols Released

2015 ALS Protocols have been released.  Implementation by 9/1/2015. Information Bulletin   2015 ALS Protocols  ED Spinal Care Update

Posted: 6/4/2015

AEMT & BLS Protocol Update

The Bureau of EMS has released two information bulletins. AEMT scope of practice. 2015 Statewde BLS Protocol Rollout for all EMS providers.

Posted: 5/20/2015 Goes Live

Check out your EMS agency's newest recruitment website - Downloadable files are being added to the site.

Posted: 5/14/2015

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