Updated as of 12/04/2014

As part of the preparedness activities for the threat of Ebola in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania the PA Bureau of EMS, in conjunction with the Bureau of Epidimiology and the CDC, have released guidance for healthcare workers.  In the links below you will find the current guidelines and best practices for responders in Pennyslvania. 

The guidance regarding the response, treatment and prevention of Ebola is constantly being updated and adapted to ensure that the best information is available to you.  Check this page frequently to ensure that you are working with the most current information. 

If you have specific questions regarding your preparedness to identify and transport potential cases of Ebola, or you need clarification on the standards, please contact either our Preparedness Specialist Caleb Dixon (preparedness@emmco.org) or Bill McClincy (Bill@emmco.org). 


The PA Department of Health advises EMS providers to follow current protocols for any patient suspected of having an infectious disease or influenza symptoms.

Statewide Protocols 103 & 931

EMS Information Bulletin and FAQ's For Ebola (EMSIB 2014-003)


Updated OSHA PPE matrix is now available. Download here

Updated PA DOH Interim Guidance for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Systems and 911 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) Download Here


CDC Links

Ebola Definition Affected West Africa Areas
Interim Guidance for EMS/PSAP  (UPDATED) Revised PSAP Center Guideline
PPE for the Healthcare Worker EMS Ebola Preparedness Checklist - 10/27/2014 
Donning/Doffing PPE Video Ebola Assessment
Ebola Poster Information OSHA Disinfection
PA Designated Ebola Facilities