About Emmco West

EMMCO West (Emergency Medical Management Cooperative) was incorporated in 1983 as a non-profit regional EMS council and began its operations in 1984. Regional acute care hospitals were the corporate shareholders for EMMCO West. Prior to EMMCO West, the former region EMS council consisted of 14 Northwestern PA counties. The region area was divided into two separate regions, EMMCO East and EMMCO West. Through a contractual agreement with the PA Department of Health, EMMCO West is charged with the oversight of emergency medical service activities for seven Northwestern PA counties; those counties being Clarion, Crawford, Erie, Forest, Mercer, Venango, and Warren.

As of July 1, 2004, EMMCO West, Inc. reorganized its corporate structure. A new non-profit board appointee format was established and diversified the membership of the Board of Directors. The Board consists of 12 Northwestern PA hospitals representatives (Ed Directors, Physicians, RNs, Administration), EMS representation from each county, EMA directors, instructors, EMTs, Paramedics, ambulance administrators, American Red Cross, Agricultural Extension Office, Active Aging, volunteer and paid EMS services. There are currently 24 board members. The new board meets quarterly (September, December, March, June). Subcommittees include Regional Medical Advisory, Communication, Quality Improvement, and Transportation Committees.

All meetings are open meetings under the PA Sunshine Law. Anyone interested in attending a meeting is asked to inquiry ahead of time with EMMCO West at mail@emmco.org or 814-337-5380 to assure adequate seating.

Directions to the EMMCO West Office

Bill McClincy
Executive Director
Oversight for the operations for 
EMMCO-West, Inc. Investigation, 
Quality Improvement Clinical Care
Review, and training programming

Email Bill

Kim Pero
Office Manager /
Administrative Assistant
Business operations and
oversight of day-to-day
office administration functions.
Trisha Parker
EMS System Specialist
Primary Licensure Coordinator. 
Trish is an EMT/firefighter, and
is a life member of the Edinboro
Volunteer Fire Department.
Kaylen Irwin
Office Operation Specialist
Coordinator of E-cloud Bridge
PCR project, Information
Systems, Websites
Michelle Eaton 
EMS Medical System Specialist
QRS – Specialty Recognition
Licensure, Medical Command
Facility Accreditation, Regional
Medical Committee liaisonand
Regional CISM team manager.
Michelle is a paramedic with
Emergycare, CISM peer, and
trains search & rescue dogs.
tom profile
Thomas Buttyan
EMS Education Outreach
Oversees initial and continuing
education programming.
Coordinates outreach
activities and specialty events.
Tom is a paramedic from Butler.
Stephanie Beier
Con-ed Office Support
Processing con-ed and
recertifications, photo Id,
short term equipment loan,
office project support