Provider Re-Entry

Overview and Explanation

In an effort to overcome the staffing issues that our communities are facing The Pennsylvania Department of Health- Bureau of EMS has provided exceptions to the current EMS Regulations to allow expired providers to reinstate their EMS certification.

This exception does not include any add-on levels such as EMSVO or EMS Instructor.

Any EMS provider in the Commonwealth that has expired after 02/01/2010 can reinstate within the next 18 months with one of the two exceptions that are outlined below.

Exception 1 – Providers greater than one year expired

For a period of 18 months from the date of this Bulletin, (03/03/2020) the following regulatory exception is in effect: Any EMS provider whose certification expired on or after 02/01/2010 may reinstate their EMS provider certification by completing one certification cycle worth of EMS continuing education regardless of how many cycles their certification has been expired.

  • All continuing education utilized for this reinstatement must have occurred within the past two years preceding the application for reinstatement.
  • As part of this continuing education, applicants for reinstatement under this exception, must complete the most recent protocol update course.
    • EMR & EMT practitioners must complete the BLS protocol updates.
    • ALS practitioners must complete both the BLS and ALS protocol updates.
    • AEMT’s must complete the AEMT transition course in addition to the BLS protocol update.
  • Applicants must have a current CPR credential from a Department of Health approved course listed below
    • AAOS –  Emergency Care & Safety Institute – Health Care Provider CPR (Professional)
    • American Red Cross – BLS Provider
    • American Safety & Health Institute – CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer
    • American Safety & Health Institute – BLS for Healthcare Providers
    • EMS Safety Services – BLS for Healthcare Providers
    • Geisinger Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
    • Military Training Network (MTN) of Resuscitative Medicine  – BLS for Healthcare Providers
    • National Safety Council
    • Pro CPR LLC – Pro-CPR Healthcare Provider CPR (Blended with Skills Evaluation)

Please note that continuing education units are not awarded for completing approved CPR courses.

Individuals applying for reinstatement via this exception are not required to take the written examination or the psychomotor examination.

Consideration 1 – While not a requirement to reinstate the certification, advanced level providers and EMS agency medical directors are reminded that, pursuant to the provisions of § 8125 (b)(2) (ii), a provider at or above the advanced EMT level must undergo an assessment by an EMS agency medical director competency in the knowledge and skills an EMS provider must have to perform the skills within the providers scope of practice prior to performing as an EMS provider at the AEMT level or above.

Consideration 2 – In addition, while not required, EMS providers applying for reinstatement who expired prior to 2015 should consider taking the appropriate 2015 protocol update course, as there were significant changes in the 2015 protocols that were not readdressed in the required 2019 protocol courses.

Consideration 3 – pursuant to EMS Information Bulletin 2018-20 Expired Providers wanting to reinstate at a Lower Level, individuals may reinstate their certification under the terms of this exception at a level lower than the certification that expired.

EMS IB 2020-05

Exception 2 – Providers less than one year expired

Until revoked or amended by the department, the following regulatory exception is in effect: EMS providers whose certifications have expired but have not been expired for more than one year, shall not be required to take the written examination as outlined in 28 PA Code § 1023.21(e)(1). All other requirements set forth in 28 PA Code § 1023.21(e) remain in full force and effect. Applicants utilizing the provisions of exception 2 are not required to meet the specific continuing education requirements outlined in exception 1.

To view requirements for each level click the on level below.


Access their profile in the PA EMS Registry by using the Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browsers, and complete the following:
    1. Applicant Data – General Information Tab:
        a) Verify/update your contact information
        b) Be sure to click update data so that it saves your changes.
        c) Confirm the pop-up question to lock the changes in the system.

    2. EMS Application/CPR Tab:
        a) Input the information from your current and PA DOH BEMS approved
    3. Con ED Tab:
        a) If you have completed any Con ED classes within two years of the application date.
    4. EMS Practitioner Status Report – select the date range button and enter the following:
                Start date = today’s date, two years ago ex 03/03/2018

                End Date = today’s actual date ex. 03/03/2020
    5. Complete the required education by attending traditional classes or using online learning.
        a) Train PA is the learning management system that is provided for you free of cost and you will use the same username as the
             PA EMS Registry (pa + your EMS Cert number) and the initial password is the same as your username. You will then be
             prompted to change your password. Be cautious to not create a duplicate account as this will create an issue with your
             classes transferring to your profile in the PA EMS Registry.
        b) Traditional Classes can be attended, and you will need to enter your certification number on a roster, and you should attend
             classes that will meet the requirements of this exception.
        c) Con ED by Endorsement is a way to enter class information that you completed outside of the previously mentioned
             educational methods. The application can be found at the bottom of your Con ED tab and a job aid is under the help menu.
    6. Process conclusion
        a) Ensure that all requirements are completed and submit the electronic reinstatement application within the PA EMS Registry.
              1) General Information Tab
                    i) Answer the questions in the Criminal History / Disciplinary Actions section

              2) Manage My Certifications (dropdown at the bottom of General Information page)
                    i) Select Reinstatement from the list
                    ii) Check Con-ED from the choices provided
                    iii) Click Submit and follow the prompts as provided for confirmation.
                         Any missing required information will be in red.
              3) The application will be reviewed by the assigned Regional EMS Council and if all the requirements are met it will then be
                   approved and sent to the Bureau of EMS for final approval and reinstatement.

              4) Once the final review is approved by the PA Bureau of EMS the reinstatement credentials will be printed and mailed to
                   the address listed in the PA EMS Registry.