The reregistration process changed in January of 2018 with the implementation of the updated PA EMS Registry.  It was previously an automatic process that relied on outdated communication with multiple agencies, software systems and persons. The new PA EMS Registry management system has now realigned us to the current EMS Systems Act and has allowed EMS providers in Pennsylvania to manage their respective certifications individually. We hope that you find this information helpful and if you have any specific questions please contact EMMCO West.

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   Access the PA EMS Registry by clicking the icon provided on the left.
      •  Enter your user name and password
      •  General Information Tab
      •  Confirm that your information is accurate and up to date
      •  Answer the questions in the Criminal History / Disciplinary Actions Section
      •  Select reregistration form the “Manage My Certification” drop down menu
      •  Re-registration Tab
      •  Check the box in the right hand column for all items that you are eligible to
         reregister (as indicated in the left column) then select the
                                                                 “begin reregistration” button.
  •  Your page will be redirected/refreshed, please confirm all the information provided is accurate then select the
      reregister button at the bottom.
  •  Next, confirm the pop up question by selecting – “Yes”.
  •  This should refresh your screen back to the Applicant Data / General Information tab

Please look at your Certification Issue Date located just above the navigation tabs, as it should now reflect the current date and your Certification Expiration Date should be set to your new expiration date.

If you receive an error message, please contact EMMCO West and one of our staff members can assist you.

Changing Your Information

All of your information for your PA EMS Certification is provided for you to review and make some changes as necessary to keep communications flowing properly.

The only areas that cannot be edited are, Name, Date of Birth and the Social Security Number. To edit these items  you will have to present the appropriate documents to your assigned Regional EMS Council staff member.

All remaining information can and should be updated regularly to receive up to date communications form the Bureau of EMS or your Regional EMS Council. To lock the edited item(s) into the system, please use the Update Data button at the bottom of the page section and then  indicate YES to the pop up that you do wish to change the information.

Checking Your ConED

To check your current ConED status, please go to your ConED tab and review the following sections. 

Current ConED – this will provide you a date order of classes that you have completed. If there are any classes missing please contact the ConED sponsor that held the class to see where the error might be. 

ConED Summary – this section will provide a breakdown of the ConED that is required for your primary certification compared to how many hours that you have earned. Please note that 75% of the total hours required for your primary certification must be in Clinical Patient Care (CPC) category. 

Updating CPR Information

All EMS providers are to maintain current status in a PA DOH Bureau of EMS approved CPR course. This information can be entered by the individual provider under the EMS Application/ CPR tab.

Please enter the information from the  the completion card or certificate (e-card) into the provided fields and select the course name from the drop down menu.

Please Note -Only classes that are listed on the approved drop down list are acceptable for maintaining this requirement of your primary EMS certification. If there is a question about your course being  acceptable, please contact EMMCO West and a staff member can assist you.