We encourage anonymous reporting from any individual who encounters or recognizes a situation in which a safety event occurred while a patient was being cared for by the EMS (emergency medical services) system.

Recently Added Information/Changes
  • 2020 Vehicle, equipment, supply requirements for EMS agencies (Updated 3/3/2020) Click Here.
  • EMSIB 2020-23 Changes to the EMS Agency Licensure Inspection Process
  • EMS Safety Initiative
  • EMSIB 2020-27 BLS Ambulance Staffing Exceptions
      • Act 17 BLS Ambulance Staffing Exceptions

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Ambulance Service Licensure

Emergency Medical Services Office (EMSO) License Renewal Application – Click Here.

The PA Department of Health, Emergency Medical Services Office, licenses air and ground ambulances and certifies quick response services. The following lists identify agencies in the EMMCO West region that meet the minimum standards for licensure or certification.

  • Listing of Licensed Ambulance Services
  • Listing of Licensed Air Ambulance Services
  • Listing of Recognized QRS Services
  • Mailing Labels for Download
  • Mailing List of Licensed or Recognized Services

EMS Vehicle Collision and/or Personnel Injury Report Form

The EMS regulations, §1005.10(e)(i) requires ambulance services to report, in a form or manner prescribed by the Department, to the appropriate regional EMS council an ambulance vehicle accident that is reportable under 75 Pa.C.S., and an accident or injury to an individual that occurs in the line of duty of the ambulance service that results in a fatality, or medical treatment at a medical treatment facility. This revised form has been adopted by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, EMS Office to meet the requirements of the regulations. Instructions for Completion of the EMS Vehicle Collision And/or Personnel Injury Report Form EMS Vehicle Collision and/or Personal Injury Report *Requires FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adding or Updating EMSVO Rosters

EMS agencies needing to add practitioners to their EMSVO rosters need to do the following:

Provide documented proof of completion of a Pennsylvania Department of  Health approved Emergency Vehicle Operator Course(EVOC)

  • Copy of original course completion certificate OR
  • Recorded on Provider Continuing Education Record in Pennsylvania Emergency Medical Services Registry System (EMSRS) OR
  • EMS Education Institute Course Roster OR
  • Approved EMS Agency Licensing Application Personnel Roster

Current driver’s license, a clear copy must be submitted to Regional Council with EMS Provider certification application.

  • If the provider has been convicted within the last 4 years prior to the date of application of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a copy of the practitioner’s driving record must be submitted.
  • If the provider has been convicted within the last 2 years prior to the date of application been convicted of reckless driving or had a driver’s license suspended due to use of drugs or alcohol or a moving traffic violation,  a copy of the practitioner’s driving record must be submitted.

To apply for EMSVO, you must do so via the Registry

Licensure Forms

Regional EMS Services 

Medical Facility Forms

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AED Forms

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