Much of the information in operations and in the sub menus for operations can be found and is linked to the Bureau of EMS website. This ensures that you are receiving the most up to date information. The following information and much more can be found at the Bureau of EMS website.

Administrative Actions: This is a list of disciplinary actions, stipulations, and revocations of certifications for EMS personnel in Pennsylvania. It is a must for service managers who receive applications for membership or employment.

Ambulance Licensing and QRS Application: A link to “everything licensure” including manuals and the application page itself.

New EMS Practitioner Registry: use this to update your profile, view your con-ed credits. This link also includes a list of all certified personnel.

EMS Incident Self Reporting System: Did you experience or see safety event or action that leads to or has the potential to lead to a worsened patient outcome related to the event or action; these may be related to systems, operations, device or equipment failures, drug administration, or any aspect of patient care. Safety events include “near misses” that are recognized before they actually occur. Report it anonymously here.

PA Bulletin: Some issues or lists referenced in the Regulations such as the approved ALS medication list may change from year to year.

BEMS Information Bulletins:A complete listing of memos related to EMS policy or recommendations from the Bureau of EMS

EMS Protocols: Statewide treatment protocols. Please note that the EMMCO West Regional protocols are based from the Commonwealth’s ALS protocol template and may contain additional protocols or define our regions stance on optional medications or procedures. Use the link above to protocols for ALS.

EMS Training Information: A complete list of training related links.

EMS WEEK: Tools and links for EMS Week

TRAIN PA: Opportunities for online continuing education. See our education link for more details.

Research Studies and Results

Regional EMS Councils by County: Need to find your regional council or happen to be moving?  Check here.

Statewide EMS Development Plan: See where our Commonwealth’s EMS system is heading.