23-24 EMSOF has been completed, Please check back for 24-25 list and application process. 

FY 23-24 EMSOF Prehospital Provider Equipment Program


23-24 EMSOF list


EMMCO West Regional EMS Agencies

At the December 14, 2023 EMMCO West Board of Director’s meeting, the board of directors approved a list of EMSOF equipment for FY 23-24.  This equipment can be acquired through the prehospital provider equipment program. All PA licensed EMS agencies are eligible for this funding.

Priority #1  Cost associated with investigating a potential consolidation or merger of services.  These costs include, but are not limited to, consulting fees, studies, legal fees and statistical analysis. (Up to $5,000)

Priority #2  Development or improvement of an organizational risk management program (safety measures, hazard recognition or mitigation and organizational structure or support processes). The Department of Health must pre-approve any projects prior to receiving any funding.  (Up to $5,000)

Priority #3  Bariatric equipment to equip ambulances (up to $27,000)

Priority #4  EMSOF Equipment List              EMSOF Allowable Cost (Per Licensed Vehicle)

  • Stair Chair $5,000
  • IO Drills or Bone Injection System $   300
  • Intravenous Infusion Pumps $2,000
  • Capnography Equipment $3,000
  • CPAP $1,500
  • Automatic Ventilator $3,000
  • Pulse Oximeter $   700
  • Large Pt Moving Device $3,000
  • Pediatric Safe Transport Device $   400
  • Triage System $   750
  • Radio (Mobile) $5,000
  • Vehicle Safety Monitoring $3,500

* Costs of reimbursement beyond the allowable cost would be the responsibility of the EMS agency. All shipping costs/delivery are to be included in the bid/quote.

Beginning January 3, 2024, EMS agencies will be able to download an electronic EMSOF equipment application form from the EMMCO West website, www.emmco.org . Deadline for submission of equipment requests will be February 2, 2024. Any equipment must be purchased prior to June 30, 2024