FY 22-23 EMSOF Prehospital Provider Equipment Program


Applications will be accepted starting November 7th, 2022 

EMMCO West Regional EMS Agencies


At the September 13, 2022 EMMCO West Board of Director’s meeting, the board of directors
approved a list of EMSOF equipment for FY 22-23. This equipment can be acquired through the
prehospital provider equipment program. All PA licensed EMS agencies are eligible for this funding.

Act 93 of 2020 changed the EMSOF equipment funding structure. “Regional” initiatives/projects
now are individually funded by EMS agencies.


Priority #1 CO Detectors

Each licensed EMS vehicle or QRS container is eligible to receive (1) CO detector. The CO
detector is rated for 2 years of continuation operation.  These will be purchased by EMMCO West as a group and distributed.


Priority #2 AED – Automated External Defibrillators

Each licensed BLS ambulance, BLS squad, or QRS container system is eligible to receive an AED
up to $1,500 . The EMS agency shall submit a quote for the specific type/manufacturer of the AED.
The quote needs to include all costs, including shipping/handling costs. The quote must be valid for
at least 90 days and delivery of the AED shall occur prior to July 1, 2023.


Priority #3 Cost associated with consolidations or mergers (up to $5,000)

Priority #4 Bariatric equipment to equip ambulances (up to $27,000)

Priority #5 Development of a risk management program (up to $3,000)


Priority #6 EMSOF Equipment List – Allowable Cost (per licensed vehicle)

  • Stair Chair – $5,000

  • IO Drills or Bone Injection System – $300

  • Intravenous Infusion Pumps – $2,000

  • Capnography Equipment – $3,000

  • Pulse Oximeter – $700

  • Large Pt Moving Device – $3,000

  • Pediatric Safe Transport Device – $400

  • Triage System – $750

  • Traffic Safety Equipment** – $2,500

  • Vehicle Safety Monitoring – $3,500

* Costs of reimbursement beyond the allowable cost would be the responsibility of the EMS agency.

** Traffic safety equipment consist of (2) 36” Pink Emergency Ahead Signs w/carrying case, Velcro
signs, (12) 28” traffic cones w/reflective collars, (8) electronic flares.


Beginning November 7, 2022, EMS agencies will be able to submit an electronic EMSOF
equipment application.


2022 – 2023 Fiscal Year EMSOF Grant Application Form Link 

Deadline for submission of equipment requests will be January 6, 2023. Any equipment must be purchased prior
to June 30, 2023. 


Inquires – Any questions regarding the EMSOF application can be emailed to matt@emmco.org or 814-337-5380