EMS Agencies Can Select Their Funding Priorities.

Deadline is January 3, 2022 for application submissions – Click here for the application.

The EMMCO West, Inc. Board of Directors have identified the following EMSOF funding priorities for FY 2021 – 2022. The total EMMCO West region’s EMSOF allocation is $54,631.26.

Funding Priorities are:

Priority & (Allowable EMSOF Cost)

1.  Recruitment and retention initiatives, developed by an EMS agency (up to $7,000) 2.   Costs associated with consolidations and mergers of services (up to $5,000) 3.  Bariatric equipment to equip ambulances (up to $27,000) 4.  Development of risk management programming (safety, hazard recognition-mitigation, and organizational structure and support processes). Approval from the Department of Health is required prior to funding. (up to $3,000) 5.  EMSOF Equipment list*      EMSOF Allowable Cost
  • Power Stretcher               $10,000
  • Stair chair                         $ 5,000
  • 12 lead EKG/Defib           $ 20,000
  • IV Pumps                         $ 2,000
  • Lg. Pt. Moving Device      $ 3,000
  • Vehicle Safety Monitoring $ 3,500
  • Narcotic Storage System  $ 900
*Costs of reimbursement beyond the allowable cost would be the responsibility of the EMS agency. For example, Ferno stretcher list price is $16,400. The EMSOF allowable cost is $10,000. The EMS agency is responsible for the additional $6,400. Application Process-
  • The EMS agency identifies an initiative and/or equipment it desires to purchase and completes an electronic (PDF) EMSOF application
  • The EMSOF applications will be accepted beginning November 1, 2021
  • A quote / bid for the initiative and/or equipment is to be submitted with the application. The bid should be valid for up to 120 days. The bid shall include all shipping and handling costs.
  • The EMSOF application and bid are to be emailed to mail@emmco.org
  • January 3, 2022 is the submission deadline date for EMSOF applications
Award Process –
  • EMMCO West will review and prioritize the EMS agency’s EMSOF application. EMMCO West will notify the EMS agency of their application status by January 17, 2022
  • Approved applicants will be forwarded onto the Department of Health for their review and approval for EMSOF funding.
  • The EMS agency will be notified when they can submit any additional payment for the purchase of any equipment. The EMS agency will then have 10 business days to submit to EMMCO West any balance due payment beyond the allowable cost for the purchase of the initiative/equipment.
  • EMMCO West will then order and pay the allowable EMSOF cost, plus any additional costs paid by the EMS agency, for the initiative or equipment.
  • The initiative / equipment is to be acquired by June 30, 2022.

  • Application Metrics For EMSOF Application Review:

    1. The EMS agency must be in full compliance with all regulations, policies, and priorities of the State and regional EMS system
    2. Timely submission of the EMSOF EMS agency application
    3. EMS agency’s yearly call volume
    Inquires – Any questions regarding the EMSOF application can be emailed to bill@emmco.org or 814-337-5380