BLS protocols: The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania utilizes common Basic Life Support protocols for all regions of Pennsylvania. This ensures consistency and limits confusion for personnel who may work in multiple EMS regions. BLS protocols are applicable to ALL levels of EMS personnel. All First Responders, EMTs, Paramedics and PHRNs as well as medical command physicians and service medical directors should be well versed in the BLS protocols. Personnel should also be familiar with the scope of practice of EMS personnel at not just their level but all levels.

The Commonwealth of Pa ALS protocols may be adopted by regional councils or may serve as a template for regional protocols. The EMMCO West Regional Medical Advisory Committee and Board of Directors has chosen to elaborate on the Commonwealth template to better guide the ALS practitioner with medications and procedures which may be optional at the state level but may have been or not been adopted at the regional level. The EMMCO West ALS protocols include some additional protocols and procedural guidelines.

The EMMCO West ALS Interfacility treatment protocols provide direction on the administration of approved infusions which may not be covered in the general ALS protocols.

The EMMCO West Regional ALS medication list includes those medications from the Commonwealth ALS medication list which are included in the Regional ALS protocols.

The Commonwealth ALS medication list includes all of the medications which may be administered by ALS personnel if those medications are included in regional protocol or if the medication is used in an interfacility transfer and the ALS service medical director has approved the use of the medication for an interfacility transfer and has trained the ALS personnel in the use of the medication.

Out of hospital DNR orders allow EMS personnel to honor the wishes of terminally ill patients.


Specialty Destination Centers

Approved and Required Medications for EMS Agencies & Providers

Scope of Practice for EMS Providers

Scope of Practice for Critical Care Transport (CCT) Providers

Scope of Practice for Air Ambulance Agency

2019 Statewide Treatment BLS Protocols

2019 Statewide Treatment ALS Protocols

2019 Statewide Treatment CCT Protocols

2020 protocol 170 list Updated 1/22/20

Primary Stroke Centers in PA Updated 8/19

PA DOH Stroke Center Page

Stroke Center 45 minute drive time zone map

STEMI- PCI Center 45 minute drive timezone map

Trauma Destination Map (Hamot, Level II)

Trauma Destination Map (St.E, Level II)

Trauma Destination Map (Grove City Level 4)

PA Interfacility Transfer Resource Guide



2017 Statewide BLS Protocols

ED Bulletin for Protocol 261

Pa BLS Protocol 190 – Appendix A

Pa BLS Protocol 190 – Appendix B

Pa BLS Protocol 190 – Appendix C

EW Interfacility Protocols

EMMCO West Interfacility Operational


2018 Statewide ALS PROTOCOLS

Guidelines – (Regional)

2025 CPAP/BiPAP Use

2032 Confirmation of Airway Placement

2033 Orotracheal Intubation

2034 Nasotracheal Intubation

2035 Combitube Insertion

2036 King Airway Insertion

2038 Endotracheal Tube Medication Administration

2041 Needle Cricothyrotomy

2052 ECG Monitoring

2055 Electrical Countershock

2056 Transcutaneous Pacing