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    EMMCO West Research Studies Released:

    • Recruitment, Retention, Turnover Survey
    • 50 EMT Certified Practitioner Survey

    Two surveys were recently conducted by EMMCO West, Inc.. The surveys were mailed to two separate populations and assessed two different subjects.

    The RRT survey was sent to all licensed or recognized EMS agencies within the EMMCO West region. 47% of EMS services responded to the survey. Results from the survey confirm that there are manpower shortages within EMMCO West regional EMS system. There are fewer personnel entering the EMS system, increasing number of personnel expiring/not renewing their certification, personnel are leaving one EMS service for another EMS service, plus there are human resource and/or organization management concerns.

    The EMT study was mailed to a randomized population of 200 PA certified EMT in 2006 and 2007. 50 EMTs (25%) completed the survey form. Customer satisfaction of their program and their involvement in EMS following their training were the key focuses of this study. The respondents appear to be satisfied with their EMT training. 76% of the respondents are currently involved with the EMS system, following their training program. Two age groups, 16-25 and 35-45, appear to the primary age groups. Despite an equal distribution of male/female gender survey respondents, there appears to be a disparity in gender related to becoming involved in EMS.

    EMMCO West thanks the EMS practitioners and providers who participated in both studies. Both studies will be available for download on the EMMCO West website, . Any comments or questions regarding either study should be addressed to Bill McClincy, EMMCO West, Inc. (Executive Director), or 814-337-5380 x108.