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Cardiovascular and Stroke Educational Tool Kits given to ALL EMS Services For Community Presentations

EMMCO West is presenting to all EMS Services in the region the Cardiovascular and Stroke Educational Tool Kits, in hopes that all EMMCO West EMS service will go out into the community and present these awareness classes. The classes are only about 15 minutes long each and encompass prevention, awareness and testimonials on each topic. The services may present just one or both to the audience, using either the CD or video provided with each kit.

The audience could be the local fire department or mutual aid fire departments, educating them on heart and stroke prevention, as this is the number one line of duty death in the fire service. Other areas to approach could be the Boy Scout or Girl Scout leaders, hunting groups, industrial sites, coaches, and teachers. Use the EMS service as the setting.

With using the EMS service as the setting, the service can then use these presentations as a recruitment tool as well. Educating the community about the EMS service, its importance in the community, the need for community involvement in the EMS Service and inviting ALL participants to JOIN the EMS service is a great recruitment tool and public relation initiative.

If you have any questions on the presentation or the audience to present to, contact the EMMCO West office at 814-337-5380 for assistance.

High School DUI Prevention Program

EMMCO West introduced this program in 1988. The program is based on an American Red Cross program developed in Indiana County in 1980. The program has gained national recogn ition and is presented in high schools throughout the United States.

Local EMS, fire, rescue, police, MADD, SADD, coroner office, and even district justices have participated in previous programs. Live reenactments of accident scenes are flavored by a dynamic series of messages presented by veteran emergency service personnel. These personnel have first hand knowledge of the injuries and lives lost as a result of alcohol and drug use when they are combined with driving a vehicle.

Contact EMMCO West for resource materials and contacts for conducting a program that delivers a life or death message to your communities high school students. Call EMMCO West at 814-337-5380 or email at

Public Information and Education CD and Presentation Available Information

The PIE Committee has worked long and hard to complete a CD and presentation for use by all services and practitioners. Our goal is to educate the public and recruit practitioners to our line of work. The presentation titled “Who Are You EMS?” addresses what EMS is, who can be in EMS, what responds during an incident, and many other subjects within the scope of our jobs, including public education.

If you are interested in using the presentation or need help with a presentation for your local church group, scouts, Rotary, Kiwanis or to recruit at a job fair or present at a high school career day, please call EMMCO West at 814-337-5380.

Downloadable P.I.E. brochures to use at your service for open houses, education, new neighbors, EMS Week, or to set out for those visiting you service.

P.I.E. Brochure to “Welcome People to Your Community” – Information on EMS.
EMMCO West Welcomes You

P.I.E. Brochure on “What to Do While you wait for EMS” – Information on taking care of a patient while awaiting the arrival of EMS.
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