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New QRS Inspection Manual

Effective April 1, 2012 a new QRS Inspection process will be implemented. A copy of the new QRS Manual is posted on Licensure Page.

Posted: 3/19/2012

Job Posting..ESF8 Position

Emergency Preparedness Specialist

EMS and disaster preparedness responsibilities within Northwestern PA.  Position interfaces with public health, regional, and state health agencies.  Additional information, Resume & letter of intent sent to Executive Director, EMMCO West, Inc., Suite 101, 16271 Conneaut Lake Rd., Meadville, PA  16335.  Submission deadline 3/23/12. EOE

Click Here for Job Description /Documents/2012 Emergency Preparedness Specialist(1).pdf

Posted: 3/9/2012

Symposium 2012

They're here!!!

The brochures for Symposium 2012 have arrived!!!  Watch your mailbox for your brochure.  Online registration is available by clicking the Symposium 2012 button on our home page or by going to the events tab. 

Free Con Ed!!!!

Suicide: It Was My Choice Suicide has always been a controversial issue. Many people have strong beliefs surrounding the act of suicide. This class was designed to highlight some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding suicide. Please join us as we examine how one person's choice can effect so many others.

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Posted: 2/2/2012

Defibtech AED

If you have a Defibtech AED, please go to to see if you need an important update.

Posted: 1/13/2012

UPMC NW Level III Trauma Center Status Change

UPMC NW Level III Trauma Center status change as of January 31, 2012

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Posted: 1/10/2012

Symposium 2012



Symposium 2012 will be held April 12-14, 2012 at the Ambassador Inn & Conference Center.  Brochures will be mailed late February - early March.



Posted: 1/6/2012

EMS Instructor Course Cancelled

The January 2012 EMS Instructor Course has been cancelled for Sharon Regional Hospital School of Nursing.

Posted: 1/3/2012

How Low Can You Go?

January 6th is fast approaching!!  That is the deadline to get your team registered.  Join us in getting fit and losing weight. Newsletters, healthy eating tips, and easy to do exercises are all a part of this program. The first weigh in is Friday, January 13th.  Compete against other teams in the Region for prizes. For more information, contact Trish at  Find a group of friends, come up with a catchy name and submit the paperwork to begin the fun!!


Registration form






Thank You EMS Provider


It was December 1st, when I called you to my house for my husband. We had been married for 33 years. I found him in the living room, sitting in his favorite recliner. At first I thought he was just sleeping, but I couldn't wake him up. When I called 911, you responded. You came in carrying all that life saving equipment, but I could tell by the look on your face that you would not be using it today. In the blink of an eye, my life changed forever. You sat with me while we waited for my family to arrive. You got me a glass of water and handed me Kleenex. I'll never forget your kindness. Thank you.


It was December 3rd when the manager of the store I was shopping in called you for me. I was doing my Christmas shopping when the headache began. I was in a hurry, so many things to do for the holiday; I didn't have time to stop. A few minutes after the headache began; I couldn't move my left arm. I watched you cut through the crowd of holiday shoppers, politely announcing yourself with excuse me's as people walked unhurriedly in front of you. It was such a relief to see you arrive. You helped me to the stretcher and we quickly started off to the hospital. I'll never forget how careful you were when helping me with my useless arm. Thank you.


It was December 5th when I called you to my house. I'm a new mother; my little girl is only 3 months old. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to have to be so responsible for someone so innocent. I panicked. When I checked on her during her nap, I thought she wasn't breathing.   When you arrived, I met you at the door and told you how sorry I was that I had called, because she was fine. You were polite and asked me if I would let you assess her just to be on the safe side. While you were assessing her, you told me a story about an incident with your first child that made me laugh and feel a little less silly for overreacting. Thank you.


It was December 7th when someone called you to my accident. I'm 18 and have only been driving for a few months. I was texting and not paying attention to the bad roads. I hit a patch of black ice and slid off the road. I wasn't hurt, but the car was destroyed. Someone driving past called 911. When you arrived, I was crying about the loss of my car and how my parents were going to be upset. You led me to your ambulance and let me sit inside while I waited for my parents to arrive. You kept telling me that my parents would be happier that I was okay than angry about the car; that the car could be replaced, but that I could not. I appreciated all of your kind words and the shelter from the cold. Thank you.


It was December 9th, when I called you to my house for my 17 year old son. I had been gone all day doing the holiday shopping when I came home and found him unresponsive, with a needle sticking out of his arm. Until that moment, I didn't know he even knew anything about how to even get drugs let alone how to use them. I watched you breath for him and pump on his chest. You were trying so hard to save him. You allowed me to ride in the front seat of the ambulance. Throughout the drive, the driver kept talking to me, trying so hard to distract me from what I could hear happening behind me. Thank you.


It was December 11th, when we called you to our house for my adopted brother. My parents adopted Sam when he was 6 months old. He has MS and his birth parents didn't want him. I love my big brother, but he has a lot of medical problems. We take care of him the best that we can, but sometimes, he still needs to go to the hospital. I tried to help, by waiting in the driveway for you to flag you in. Then I tried to help by holding the door open so you could get out. You told me I was a great little brother to Sam, which made me cry because sometimes, I feel like I can't help enough. Thank you.


It was December 13th, when you came to help me. I'm homeless. A few months ago, I lost my job. I have no family. I was too ashamed to ask friends for help. I was evicted. I've tried to find a new job, but without an address, it's almost impossible to be hired. The temperatures dropped to 10 degrees that night and I didn't have a warm jacket. The officer called you when he tried to wake me and couldn't. He thought I was dead. I was so cold; I didn't have the strength to respond to you. You lifted me onto the stretcher. You gave me warm blankets. You treated me with respect. Thank you.


It was December 15th, when I saw you. I was trying to get to a store for a specific Christmas gift. I was running late and traffic was backed up for miles. You came up behind me with the lights flashing and the siren blaring. It took me a while to get out of your way, too much traffic. Silently I cursed you for adding to the congestion of the road. I had to go another 6 blocks before I saw the accident. The white sheet covering the front seat of the car was a clear indication that the accident had been pretty bad. I saw you trying to comfort a young man standing next to the car. Immediately I realized I should have been happy to see someone rushing to help someone else. Thank you.


I was December 17th, when I called you to my nursing home. I was the charge nurse trying to finish the paperwork for the resident I was sending to the hospital with chest pain. He is one of my favorite residents. He is the one that always tries to make the other residents smile. He always has a kind thing to say to the nurses. He has no family to visit him, but he never once complains. It was as you were wheeling him out to the ambulance, when I saw one of you take your hat off your own head, and put it on him. It was only 13 degrees that day and he had no hat of his own. Thank you.


It was December 19th, when I called you to my house. This is my first Christmas alone since I lost my wife of 48 years. I lost her only a few weeks ago, but I miss her so much and I am hoping to be able to see her soon. I called, because I'm lonely, but I think you knew that. You listened to me talk about my wife the entire way to the hospital. You held my hand, and comforted me while I cried. Thank you.


It was December 21st, when we responded to that call, MVA with entrapment. The car looked so familiar, but it was so mangled, I couldn't figure out why. Then I realized it was my best friend's car. I started to frantically try to get inside. You stopped me. You made me realize that I wasn't helping, that I was hurting the situation by being in the way. You ordered others to take care of her. You didn't make me leave the scene, you let me watch. You stood beside me, and I knew you were there for me. You were the one who road in the back with her. I knew that my friend would get the best care because you were there. Thank you.


It is December 23rd, and our staff is leaving to spend the holidays with family. As we leave the EMMCO West office, each of us takes a minute to say a silent thank you for the EMS practitioners across the region.


Thank you. Because what you do really does make a difference. 

Posted: 12/22/2011

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