Quality Improvement and Development

Each year, EMMCO West submits a development plan to the Department of Health Bureau of EMS. The purpose of the plan is to measure the effectiveness of aspects of the EMS system, evaluate EMS assets, evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and implement plans to make improvements in the EMS system. We welcome your input but you need to read the plan.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Bureau of EMS likewise has a development plan.

Quality Improvement Projects

For some time EMMCO West has been pursuing a Quality Improvement project relative to suction unit testing. Records had identified that the failure rate for suction units at inspections and spot inspections was 19%. Since implementing the QI project we all have improved that rate to 6%. Thanks to all of you we are now at a 94% pass rate and are striving for 100%. As a reminder, your participation in this project effects your EMSOF distribution.

Missed calls and delayed responses do occur but should be the exception, not the norm. Even a few missed calls put a great deal of stress on the EMS system and may negatively impact patient outcomes. We really need to look at the EMS system as just that, a system. That doesn’t mean that the individual needs of services aren’t important but rather that we all need to be working together to ensure that the needs of our patients are best met. The forms to the right are to be submitted to EMMCO West monthly and participation effects your EMSOF distribution.

Please remember that these reports are due by the 10th of each month. If your county PSAP center is sending these reports in, you do not need to send them. The counties in which we receive reports from PSAP centers are; Clarion and Warren.